How it Works StormStation Rainwater Harvesting System

The StormStation is a self-contained, carbon neutral Rainwater Harvesting system designed simply for plug and play installation.

The StormStation combines tank, filters, pumps and controls all in one unit. Saving our clients water, money, and carbon, all contributing towards your sustainable goals.

So how does the system work

Pipework can be run in either above ground or below ground ducting. A suitable base should be installed for the StormStation to be located.

The unit can be offloaded from a delivery vehicle and connected to your appliances with no costly underground tanks or separate filters, control or header tanks fitted around the building.

By combining renewable energy, the StormStation offsets your carbon emissions, even generating its own power.

The unit is located outside of your building and connected to the roof drainage.

When it rains water is collected from the roof of your building and diverted into the StormStation.

A filter in the tank removes leaves and other debris allowing filtered clean water to enter the tank via the inlet calmer, this oxygenates the water and prevents disturbance to fine sediment on the base of the tank.

When there is demand for water, this is taken via a floating suction filter taking water from the cleanest part of the tank and into the booster pumps which are sized to suit your flow requirements.

Water is suitable for non drinking use in toilet and urinal flushing, irrigation of plants, vehicle washing and many other commercial applications such as industrial process and coolant water.

The StormStation can be used in many building types and is suited for new build and retrofit projects including commercial sites, service stations, and even construction site offices where an easy to install solution may be required to help save water.

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