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Physically Entering Tanks

Stormsaver’s specialist tank cleaning operatives hold the necessary confined space qualifications for physical entry into tanks. Our favoured hand-cleaning method ensures debris is fully removed. Conventional tank cleaning methods depend entirely on gully suckers, which may overlook fine details and fail to remove substantial debris.

Cleaning of Associated Header Tanks

Our offering includes the cleaning of associated header tanks, removing debris, and further improving water quality. These crucial secondary tanks are often overlooked by non-specialists but still require cleaning.

Water Reuse Specialists

As specialists in rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling systems, we offer protection for the intricate internal components, avoiding costly damage. After the tank clean, our operatives are ready to swiftly restore your system to optimal functionality, keeping your system running efficiently on rainwater.

When is a tank clean recommended…

There are various reasons why a tank clean would be required on your rainwater harvesting or greywater recycling system. Take a look at some of the reasons below.

 A picture of a dirty rainwater harvesting tank

Planned preventative maintenance

Rainwater harvesting systems should receive regular tank cleaning every 2-3 years as part of a proactive maintenance regime. Sites located in coastal regions or densely forested areas may require tank cleaning to be completed more frequently.

Greywater recycling systems should receive a tank clean when there are excessive volumes of sediment present in the base of the greywater treatment tank. Our specialist engineers can determine this through a visual inspection during a service visit.

Regular tank cleaning helps to maintain a healthy environment within the tank for systems to perform efficiently.

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 a before and after picture of a rainwater harvesting tank after cleaning

Decline in water quality

If you are experiencing poor water quality in outlets served by the rainwater harvesting system, this could indicate that there is excessive debris in the base of the storage tank and a full tank clean is required.


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 a picture of debris within a rainwater harvesting tank

Prior to commissioning

Rainwater harvesting systems are prone to collecting debris during the installation process. Building debris can cause damage to pump sets and block filters before the system is even operational, causing costly delays to your project.


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 a before and after image of a rainwater harvesting tank clean

Contaminated water

Installation contractors may connect the wrong drainage connections to the rainwater harvesting or greywater recycling system. Once the correct drainage pipework has been installed, a tank clean is required to maintain high levels of public health within your building.


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 A before and after image of a rainwater harvesting tank clean

Repair work

Should you need repairs to your tank for any reason our tank cleaning team will pump the water away allowing the repairs to take place. Our specialist repair team can carry out this work for you too! 


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