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Comprehensive Initial Assessment

We'll conduct a thorough initial assessment of your current rainwater harvesting or greywater recycling system. This includes location scoping, expert advice on replacement solutions, and a fully detailed, cost-effective proposal bespoke to your site.

Quality Replacement Systems

Experience the best in water-saving technology with our replacement systems. Manufactured in the UK, our solutions come with advanced fail-safe protections to ensure high levels of integrity for your water supply. Don’t settle for less, our systems are the most advanced in the market for integrity, reliability, and efficiency.

Seamless Installation

Our highly skilled installation team will handle all mechanical and electrical fit-out work with minimal disruption to your facility. We'll also commission your new system to guarantee safe, efficient, and long-lasting operations from day one.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Protect your investment with our comprehensive maintenance services. Once your new system is up and running, leave the upkeep to us for continued optimal performance and peace of mind.

Check out our market-leading repair services tailored specifically for enhancing the safety, reliability, and functionality of your rainwater harvesting or greywater recycling system.

Control Panel Upgrades

Don't let outdated control panels hinder your system's performance. Just like a car, technology can become outdated. Upgrade to our more intelligent control panels to unlock advanced features and optimise system efficiency.

Filter Enhancements

Experience high water quality with our filter repair and replacement solutions. From standard repairs and replacements of blocked filters to retrofitting additional filtration devices like UV disinfection, we can provide you with a solution.

UV disinfection is commonly used within the water treatment industry as a solution for preventing the growth of legionella. UV treatment is a chemical-free, cost-efficient, and low-maintenance solution. 

Pipework replacements

Don’t settle for the unnecessary costs and safety risks caused by inaccessible filters.

 If your filters have not been designed with access for maintenance in mind, they could be classed as a "confined space". This means for health and safety reasons 2 engineers will need to attend your service, doubling your costs unnecessarily. Let us upgrade your pipework so that we can reduce your maintenance costs and carry out your tank servicing safely.

Storage Tank Solutions

Cracks and settling issues in your GRP storage tanks? No problem. Our skilled engineers can repair cracks or provide above-ground storage tank retrofits when needed, ensuring your water storage remains secure and reliable.

There are many reasons why your rainwater harvesting system may not be working, including;

Lack of maintenance

If regular preventative maintenance is not carried out then the mechanical parts are likely to fail, and filters will block up. You wouldn’t expect your car to keep running if you didn’t maintain it. Your rainwater harvesting system is the same.

Incorrect Installation

Occasionally we come across systems that have been incorrectly installed. This can result in problems with water quality or supply to the toilets.

Incorrect Specification

We are often asked to look at systems that might be working but aren’t providing the water demand required. This could be down to the equipment not being suitable for the needs of the building. We can provide a better solution which is designed to suit the building requirements

System Bypassed

Some clients notice a red light flashing on the control panel or BMS and don't know how to fix it. Sometimes the original supplier is no longer trading or simply doesn’t want to help, and so they have bypassed the system and are running on mains water only. This is usually simple for us to fix and get you up and running again. The last thing you want is to be missing out on savings each time it rains!

Old age

All mechanical and electrical equipment will need bringing up to date at some point. We are now starting to have some of our original clients with systems that have run successfully for 15 years or more, come back for an upgrade.

Stormsaver have a great selection of case studies of systems that we have upgraded. We will come to site and do an assessment and then provide you with a quotation. Once you have instructed us to proceed, we can work with your installers, or provide our own installation services for you.

Why choose Stormsaver for your replacement system

When it comes to rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling systems, off-the-shelf products do not offer the same reliability and protection as a bespoke system.

Stormsaver offers bespoke solutions which are designed, manufactured, and tested here in the UK. Our market leading solutions are designed with many fail-safe features which are unmatched within the industry.

Below are some of the reasons why Stormsaver Systems offers superior quality including some before and after images of our replacement works…

 before and after images of an old rainwater harvesting system and a new system

Reliability Benefits...

  • UK-manufactured for simple access to replacement parts, ensuring reduced downtime.
  • Enhanced unit design offers improved maintenance access, keeping repair time to a minimum.
  • Equipped with mains water protection to safeguard against wastage in the event of a valve failure.
  • Control unit is designed for easy repairs, minimising disruption, and maintenance costs.
  • Features an automatic mains water flush to prevent legionella growth, ensuring a hygienic water supply.
  • Built with a high-quality pump set with exceptional reliability, reducing the risk of water supply failures.

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 a before and after picture of an old rainwater harvesting system which has broken and it being replaced by a newer system

Sustainability Benefits...

  • Improve water efficiency within your building.
  • Save water by using recycled rainwater or greywater.
  • Take advantage of a technology which requires no behaviour changes to make a difference.
  • Improve the sustainability performance of your building.
  • Reduce the volume of wastewater and surface water runoff requiring treatment.  
  • Demonstrate to customers and visitors that you are making a difference.

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 an old versus new rainwater harvesting system in a supermarket

Cost Benefits...

  • Experience reduced repair costs.
  • Save money by reducing mains water consumption once again.
  • Safeguard your business from water companies that are discontinuing bulk purchasing discounts.
  • Make use of existing dual pipework infrastructure which would have been expensive to install.
  • Have greater autonomy over your water supply.

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