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Key Benefits of Choosing Stormsaver

 a rainwater harvesting filter which has been blocked with debris from the roof

Why Maintain?

Advice, tips, and expertise. Our ‘why maintain’ page draws upon our two decades as a maintenance provider and manufacturer.

It details all the serviceable components of these crucial water-saving systems and features before-and-after photos from our service visits. Learn more here.

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 an engineer maintaining a greywater recycling and rainwater harvesting system

Maintenance Agreements

Favoured by facility managers who want to maximise water savings and ensure safe operations. Our maintenance agreements give your facility access to bi-annual servicing from a water reuse specialist.

You can enjoy complete peace of mind that the risk of unplanned downtime is reduced on your rainwater harvesting or greywater recycling system.

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 a tank cleaning operative entering an underground rainwater harvesting tank

Tank Cleaning

Choose the water reuse specialists for tank cleaning, just as many other facility managers do! Our operatives physically enter the tank to remove debris.

We have the expertise to protect the vital internal components within the storage tank and other associated header tanks, then we will get you saving rainwater again! Regular tank cleaners will not know how to get you back running on rainwater.

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 two pictures of a rainwater harvesting system before and after replacement

Beyond Economical Repair Replacements

Is your rainwater harvesting or greywater recycling system beyond economical repair? Remember, the system cannot be simply bypassed as this breaches water regulations.

We offer full replacements. Many other suppliers purchase the same system from Germany which has limited protection against failure. Our UK-manufactured solutions have many fail-safe protections to improve the integrity of your sustainable water supply. See examples here.

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Legionella Testing

Protect your building users. Rainwater, just like any stored body of water, is susceptible to legionella growth.

Stormsaver can help mitigate the risks by providing regular legionella testing during your service visit. For complete peace of mind, we can also install UV disinfection on your system. Learn more here.

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 an image of a non-operational greywater recycling system in London

System Assessments

Rely on the specialists to get your system up and running once again. Our System Assessments give you access to unrivalled expertise in water reuse.

Perfect for non-operational systems, those needing maintenance, or sites looking to establish a contract with us. Find out more here.

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Rainwater & Greywater Maintenance Information Guide

Rainwater Harvesting Systems should receive a full service every six months to ensure safe and efficient operation. Systems that lack regular maintenance are at risk of failure, potentially resulting in no water for the outlets served by the system.

Even without any obvious defects, Greywater Recycling Systems should be thoroughly checked during a service every six months to ensure optimal operations.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems should receive a tank clean every 2-3 years, depending on the site location. Sites located close to densely forested areas, or the coast may require more frequent attention due to increased volumes of debris.

Regular cleaning of the primary storage tank and any accompanying header tanks (if installed) is crucial for maintaining optimal water quality. Neglecting this maintenance can result in discoloured rainwater in outlets.

As time passes, particles collected from the roof surface can accumulate at the tank's base. Allowing sediment to accumulate can disrupt system functionality by impacting submersible pumps, reducing usable storage capacity, and damaging internal components.

Poor water quality is an obvious sign that your Rainwater Harvesting System requires a tank clean. You can check this by inspecting outlets served by the system or completing a visual check of the rainwater stored in the tank.

NO! Installing a mains water bypass because your Rainwater Harvesting or Greywater Recycling System has failed is a direct breach of The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and poses a risk to public health. Failure to comply with these regulations is a criminal offence and the company responsible for the bypass can receive a fine.

There is a misconception that if your Rainwater Harvesting or Greywater Recycling System has failed, you can install a mains water bypass to allow outlets that were previously supplied by the system to use mains water instead. This is a big no-no in the water industry!  

Rainwater or greywater pipework must be separated from the mains water supply via a WRAS-compliant air gap. Air gaps are included within any rainwater or greywater system; therefore, a bypass cannot be installed around this air gap.

What is the alternative?

If your system has completely failed and is deemed beyond economical repair, you can entrust us to install a completely new rainwater or greywater system. Alternatively, our engineers may be able to get the mains water top-up function on the system working once again. Speak to our specialists about this.

Decommissioning is a lengthy and expensive process as all associated pipework needs to be fully chemical cleaned. That’s why regular servicing is always the best solution in the first place.  

Yes! Our engineers are fully trained to maintain Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Recycling Systems supplied by others. First, we will carry out a system assessment to determine the operational status of your system. 

Many systems supplied by others in the UK are manufactured in the same facility in Germany meaning that we are highly experienced in dealing with these systems and stock many of the necessary replacement components. 

  • Servicing of the rainwater booster set.
  • Inspection of rainwater pipework.
  • Cleaning of backwash filters (if installed).
  • Replacement of cotton filters (if installed).
  • Calibration of the rainwater level sensors.
  • Electrical testing of the control panel.
  • Functional testing of the system.
  • Cleaning of the pre-tank filter.
  • Cleaning of the floating suction filter.
  • Servicing of submersible pumps.
  • Cleaning of the mains water solenoid valve.
  • Cleaning of the rainwater meters.
  • Pressure testing on pressure vessels.
  • Replacement of UV disinfection bulbs (if installed).
 a picture of a rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling systems engineer

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Interested in servicing, repairs, replacements, legionella testing, or tank cleaning? Request a quotation using the button below. If you require immediate assistance with your system, please call our friendly team on 01636 815254. 

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