Why recycle rainwater?
Why recycle rainwater?

The UK will require an extra 5 billion litres of water per day by 2050 (Environment Agency)

How retrofit rainwater harvesting works

 retrofit rainwater harvesting solutions

Our Retrofit Service

Stormsaver provide an end-to-end retrofit service which is unique within the water reuse industry.

Getting started is simple with our free-of-charge desktop survey. Our retrofit specialists will calculate whether rainwater harvesting is feasible for your requirements. 

If you are happy to progress, our engineer will conduct an on-site survey to confirm points of use and any installation requirements. Stormsaver will always recommend the most efficient system based on your requirements. 

Stormsaver even offer a dedicated installation service to get your new system up and running safely. 

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Why is Retrofit Rainwater Harvesting needed?

Existing buildings are naturally less water-efficient than newly constructed developments because water-saving technologies have since been developed to prevent the overconsumption of water. Water scarcity is growing for the United Kingdom with water utility companies estimating an additional 4 billion litres of additional water per day by 2050.

Typically, buildings are constructed with a single mains water drinking supply to fulfil the total water demand of the building. Rainwater Harvesting provides a secondary, more sustainable water supply for the building which is for non-potable water usage. This prevents high-quality drinking water from being wasted for toilet flushing, irrigation, and washdown. We can help to save potable water supplies for when they are needed most.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems can give your organisation more autonomy over its water consumption through reduced reliance on mains water supplies. Why is this important?

  • Reduced water bills for your organisation helping to pay for the initial cost of the rainwater harvesting system. The typical payback period of a rainwater harvesting system is 5-7 years.
  • Reduced scope 3 carbon emissions. Scope 3 Carbon emissions are the hardest type of carbon emissions to offset as they are not directly controlled by the organisation. Rainwater harvesting is proven to emit less carbon emissions than traditional mains water.

Installing a rainwater harvesting system can also be a great marketing tool highlighting your organisation’s commitment to ESG goals (environmental, social, and governance). Stormsaver Rainwater Harvesting can be supplied with our Monitoring Display to highlight water savings to building users and visitors.

Where does Retrofit Rainwater Harvesting work best? 

Manufacturing Facilities

 above ground rainwater harvesting

StormStation is ideal for retrofitting within an existing manufacturing facility. 

Retail & Distribution Centres

 above ground rainwater harvesting system

StormStation can be easily installed in existing supermarkets and retail distribution centres. 

Schools & Universities

 above ground rainwater harvesting system

StormStation can be installed as an educational unit in schools and universities. 

Our Retrofit Solutions

 above ground rainwater harvesting system

StormStation is our answer to Retrofit Rainwater Harvesting. The StormStation Rainwater Harvesting System houses tanks, pumps, filtration, and controls in one unit and can even be supplied as a carbon-neutral solution with the addition of renewable energy.

Forget costly excavations and searching for space in plant rooms; the StormStation can be easily located outside, next to an existing building. Connection to building services is made simple by the unique plug-and-play design.

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 above ground rainwater harvesting system
Above Ground Systems

Our Above Ground Rainwater Harvesting Systems can be supplied in a range of sizes depending on your bespoke requirements. Unlike traditional systems, the rainwater storage tank, control unit, and filtration devices are all located above ground. Not only does this remove the need for disruptive earthworks, but it can also speed up installation times.

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