12 month system warranty
12 month system warranty

All Stormsaver water reuse systems come with a 12-month warranty from date of commissioning.

About Non-Pressurised Rainwater Harvesting

We are proud to be the only supplier of commercial rainwater harvesting whos systems are designed, built, and tested by here in the UK. This means we can offer the most bespoke solutions on the market and the fastest lead time on replacement parts.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems can supply a number of non-potable applications, including;

  • Toilet and urinal flushing
  • Irrigation for living walls
  • Cleaning and wash down
  • Vehicle wash down
  • Cooling and conditioning
  • Manufacturing and industrial process


Available System Arrangements

Stormsaver Non-Pressurised Rainwater Harvesting Systems can be supplied with two different varieties of control panels depending on the site requirements. Below is a summary of both types of control panels.

Automatic Backwash Control Panel

Automatic Backwashing is the best solution for end users. 

Stormsaver can supply Non-Pressurised Control Panels with Automatic Backwash Filtration. Automatic Backwashing pushes a high-pressure supply of sustainable water through the filter to remove any debris and transports the wastewater to the drain. The process is controlled by our control panel and occurs for 10 seconds when a pressure drop is detected in the system or every 24 hours to provide a high-quality sustainable water supply.

Automatic Backwash Filtrations eliminates more common cotton wound filters which require physical replacement by the end user of the building when the filter becomes blinded. Stormsaver Automatic Backwashing has been certified for 1 million backwashes. The technology is regularly specified by consultants and is a firm favourite among end users.

Stormsaver has a range of control panels for automatic backwashing dependent on the required flow rate. Our team will specify the best solution for your requirements. As a guide, our Singlex control panel can provide 1 litre per second, our Duplex control panel can provide 2 litres per second, and our Triplex control panel can provide 3 litres per second. All data sheets for these options can be downloaded below.

Singlex Control Panel

 Electrical control panel for commercial rainwater harvesting system

Our Singlex Control Panel for Non-Pressurised Rainwater Harvesting Systems can deliver 1 litre per second of sustainable water to usage points. 

Duplex Control Panel

 Electrical controls of a commercial rainwater harvesting system

Our Duplex Control Panel for Non-Pressurised Rainwater Harvesting Systems can deliver 2 litres per second of sustainable water to usage points. 

Triplex Control Panel

 Electrical control panel for commercial rainwater harvesting system

Our Triplex Control Panel for Non-Pressurised Rainwater Harvesting Systems can deliver 3 litres per second of sustainable water to usage points. 

 rainwater harvesting control panel for a commercial system

Standard Control Panel

The most cost-effective solution for developers.

Our Standard Control Panel is our most cost-effective solution for achieving Non-Pressurised Rainwater Harvesting. The system utilises traditional cotton wound filters which provide a high-quality water supply to points of use.

Unlike any other system on the market, Stormsaver Control Panels are manufactured with a PLC electrical controller rather than the more common PCB controller. If a PLC controller experiences a failure, individual components within the panel can be replaced to get the system to save water again. PCB controllers that experience a failure require a complete replacement. 

 rainwater harvesting system monitoring display

Added Value Monitoring Display

The Stormsaver Non-Pressurised Rainwater Harvesting System can be supplied with our monitoring display unit to add value to your project. The display highlights water and carbon savings made by the rainwater harvesting system to building users. Monitoring Displays are ideal for educating the next generation of water conservationists in schools, offices, student accommodation, and universities. Find out more about the product here or download the datasheet for this below.

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Rainwater is channelled from the roof into the storage tank passing an integrated filter to remove large debris, leaves etc. Water then enters the tank via an inlet calmer preventing disturbance to fine sediment on the base of the tank.

Excess rainwater flows out of an overflow which has a one-way valve and rodent protection; also skimming surface particles.

Inside the tank are sensors and a submersible pump which on demand take water from the cleanest part of the tank through a floating suction filter supplying filtered rainwater to the break tank.

This tank gravity supplies water to point of use. It is possible to have the break tank at any level in the building when combined with a booster unit sized for the specific building requirements.

During periods of low rainfall our mains water top-up provides a continuous failsafe supply. All products are compliant with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.

More than one break tank can be used in a system - our team can offer design assistance to ensure the most economic solution is applied.

Interested in our Non Pressurised Rainwater Harvesting System? Download our technical data sheet here.

Why Rainwater Harvesting?

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