12 month system warranty
12 month system warranty

Stormsaver Active Attenuation comes with 12 months warranty to give you peace of mind. 

Find out how combined rainwater harvesting and attenuation works

Half of the attenuation tanks take run-off from the carparks and act just as a regular attenuation tank draining down following heavy rainfall.

Working in partnership with the Stormharvester team, we combine our products with their technology which is linked directly to a highly accurate short to medium term Met Office Rain Prediction system. When rainfall is predicted, Stormharvester's telemetry recognises the anticipated rainfall event. A control system lowers the water in the attenuation tank to a safe level, so when the rain arrives all the necessary attenuation capacity is available within the tank.

The system has a built-in failsafe system so that there is no risk of flooding even in the unlikely event of a system failure.

Utilising mandatory flood protection infrastructure in this way the Stormsaver solution provides all new commercial buildings with a source of valuable re-cycled rainwater without the need for additional expensive infrastructure. The system reduces installation costs and reliance on main water supplies at the same time as maintaining necessary attenuation capacity.

Suddenly, your unused attenuation tank is working for you; creating revenue, reducing running costs and making you more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Interested in Active Attenuation? Download our product data sheet here. 

Features and benefits of Active Attenuation

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