12 month system warranty
12 month system warranty

All Stormsaver systems come with a 12 month warranty from date of commissioning.

  1. Pipe work runs in above ground or below ground ducting
  2. A suitable base needs to be installed for the StormStation
  3. The unit gets offloaded from a delivery vehicle and connected to appliances with no underground tanks involved
  4. By combining renewable energy, the StormStation off set carbon emissions as it generates its own power
  5. The unit is located outside of the building and connected to the roof drainage
  6. When the rainwater is collected from the roof it is diverted into the StormStation
  7. The filter in the tank removes any leaves and other debris
  8. This allows the filtered, clean water to enter the tank via the inlet calmer (inlet calmer – oxygenates the water and prevents disturbance to fine sediment on the base of the tank)
  9. When there is demand for water, it is taken via a floating suction filter, taking water from the cleanest part of the tank and into the booster pumps ( this is sized to suit flow requirements)
  10. The water is then ready to be used…

Rainwater is collected from the roof area of the building and enters the main storage tank via the pre-tank filter installed within. Storage capacities range from 3000L to 20,000L. Your rainwater is then distributed at pressure by either fixed or variable speed, twin booster pumps. As with all Stormsaver systems, there is an automatic, WRAS Compliant mains water top up to provide a continuous water supply.

The unit is pre-plumbed and assembled with any BMS connections, automatic backwashing filtration, UV disinfection or controls that you may have specified and is fully tested before leaving our manufacturing facility. This will save you time and labour on site, and minimises the likelihood of mistakes being made during the installation. 

StormStation Rainwater Harvesting Applications

StormStation is on hand to improve local flood controls and water efficiency by providing a sustainable water supply from reclaimed rainwater for the following applications;

  • Dust suppression
  • Toilet and urinal flushing
  • Vehicle wash down and cleaning
  • Irrigation and plant watering
  • Manufacturing and industrial processing

Retrofit in existing buildings

 above ground rainwater harvesting system

Achieve a sustainable water supply even in an existing building with StormStation. Stormsaver provides a full retrofit service including design and installation. 

Installation in new developments

 above ground rainwater harvesting system

StormStation is the simplest installation solution for M&E contractors. The System eliminates the requirement for ground excavations to reduce cost and speed up the installation process. 

Temporary use during construction

 rainwater harvesting system in a construction site

Why not save water during the construction process? Vehicle washdown and dust suppression activities do not require high-quality drinking water. The StormStation can be supplied with additional UV filtration for where recycled rainwater is used as a fine vapor. 

Features of StormStation Rainwater Harvesting

Carbon neutral - StormStation can be supplied as a carbon-neutral solution with the addition of self-powering renewable energy generated through photovoltaics. StormStation is located external to the building and can be orientated to achieve optimal solar gains for power generation.

Range of capacities – We offer StormStation in a range of capacities depending on your site requirements. our estimating team will provide you with the best solution so optimal water savings can be achieved. StormStation comes in 3,000-20,000 litres capacities.

UK Manufactured – StormStation is manufactured by our team here in the UK meaning we can offer the most bespoke solutions on the market.

Range of uses – StormStation is ideal for use as a temporary water reuse solution for construction sites or as a permanent installation within new or existing buildings.

Automatic mains water top-up – StormStation houses an automatic mains water top-up system to ensure your site is never left without a water supply.

Plug and play installation – StormStation is designed to house all components in one simple-to-install unit. The unit can be easily connected to roof drainage points and an electrical supply so water savings can be achieved sooner.

Visible marketing display – StormStation is a visual above-ground system that can demonstrate a commitment to water conservation. StormStation can be supplied with your branding, just ask our estimating team at the proposal stage.

See how the StormStation works

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

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